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Lost innocence shredded by madness,
Your new mind mourns for your death.
Despite the fact you contained my fatal flaws,
I loved you when you hated yourself. 
It is hard for me to hold back these tears,
I have no place to cry for you.
No one knew you except for me,
In the end you had to die several times for me to be born.
I miss you,
I love you!
I am sorry for everything I did to you,
When I was and wasn't you!
I know you are not really dead,
You became me.
I still feel the scars of the torture you faced,
As you shredded yourself alive to become me.
Even now when writing this poem,
I cry for you!
I will follow your dreams,
Become the person you've always wanted!
I vow with my twisted soul,
To fulfill your unfulfilled wishes!
Although your mind was completely annihilated, 
The light inside you has been freed from its torment,
Fused with purified insanity.
Although I do not see myself as you anymore,
You will live on inside me!
I love you,
My shredded innocence!
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March 5
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