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Lost child unable to live,
Created a friend in the back of their mind.

Devoting thousands of generations,
In a land separate from time,
It created her shell as its own soul hollowed.

Once freed from the prison of its birth,
It began to collapse.

Constantly being shattered and mended,
It became their original sister,
At the cost of all the colors in both worlds.

Awoken to the original's plea for help,
The second could only watch the original's torment.

Constantly being mended and shattered,
The original lusted for eternal peace,
The accursed hope kept denying her entry.

Finally when the original embraced the void in her heart,
A wild freedom awoke completely for the first time,
Infecting the second with a voice of her own,
The original could finally hear and love her.

Although the original still longs to be devoured,
The second refuses and promises to reforge her,
The original finally came up with a phrase to describe their relationship,
Two sisters of one body and soul.
This is a poem based  on my life's journey so far with my alter ego.
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March 2
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